Panda Bears

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Panda Bears

Panda Bears, so cute, but they are an endangered species.
The panda bear is a very endangered species, with only 800-1000 left in the world and is on the verge of extinction.

The panda shares its habitat with many other animals but has few enemies, 1, the wild dog, When the wild dog attacks, the panda either climb a tree or become very threatening, and inflict horrible wounds. They live in southeastern China. They live in misty cool forests on the side of mountainous slopes. There are many bamboo trees, for pandas eat a lot. Pandas normally eat food for about 10-12 hours a day (approx. 40-80 lbs.) A pandas diet is 99% bamboo, and occasionally meat or other plants. They also eat honey, and bees (they have tough lining so the stings don’t hurt them.)


Adopt a pet

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Do you want to adopt a pet. Maybe a cat or a dog? Check at a dog dog

the shelter near you. There are perfectly good cats and dogs at the paws and claws humane society. And if you don’t live in Rochester, Mn, there are still pounds around town. It isn’t the animal’s fault that it got stuck at a pound. Most of the time, a person didn’t want the responsibility, or couldn’t take care of the animal. I have walked some of the dogs that are there, and they are extremely sweet.  So check out the dogs and cats at the Paws and claws humane society, maybe they’ll have the perfect new best friend for you, and maybe you can even volunteer. I adopted a dog from paws and claws, and we love her, so stop by, or check out their websight,

The Tiger

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Tiger Tiger

Tiger drinking water

The Tiger, a beautiful,

majestic creature, a creature

that has all but vanished from our earth.

What did this poor creature do to deserve this fate?

What fate am I talking about? Being hunted, killed, and sold.

Their habitat is being destroyed, their homes taken over by human’s.

The Tiger lives in dense jungles/rainforests. A full grown Tiger can weigh up to 500 lbs., and can grow to be aproximatly 10 feet long. On average, the Tiger has 2-5 kittens in a litter, normally, only 2 live to adulthood. The world’s Tiger population has dropped over 1000,000 to 10,000 in the last century. Today, there are only 3 species of Tiger left, the South China Tigers, siberian or Amur tigers, Sumatran tigers.

One of the Tigers biggest enemies, are poachers. And not just the ones thatgo out and kill them. Also, the ones that kill their habbitat, Aka, us. We put all sorts of different chemicals in the air, that cause global warming, which causes thair environment to change.

Also, where the rainforests are located, all over the world, the econamy is building, and moe and more things are being built. And more and more rainforest is disappearing, and many Tigers with that. So save the rainforest today.

What is happening to our polar bear population?

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The glaciers are disappearing, and along with it, the polar bears.

stranded polar bears As you can see in this picture, these polar bears are stranded on a melting glacier. They are probably already dead. This is no joke. Because of Global warming, the ice is melting, spring comes earlier, and winter later, the polar bears have less time tohunt to store food in their bodys.
jumping polar bearIn this picture, tho polar bear is jumping to another patch of ice. Many other polar bears try to make this jump, but many fall, and drown. According to,,

‘22% decline in size of population from 1,194 in 1987 to 935 in 2004.’


‘Only 43% of polar bear cubs make it through their first year, compared to the 65% survival rate in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.’

Why is this poor creature suffering for our stupid mistakes? Change your life, and save the animals.